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Community Chest Fund

Contact: Sara Muldoon

Ambassador Way
Greens Road
NR20 3TL
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Telephone: 01362 698216
Fax: 01362 851083

Email: community.chest@norfolkrcc.org.uk

A new scheme has been set up to help fund projects which improve the environment or encourage tourism. Voluntary or community groups in the Broads & Rivers area which covers some of South Norfolk, including the Diss area can apply for grants of up to 5,000. The Community Chest Fund has 150,000 to distribute over three years. It will make a real difference to groups trying to improve their villages or to put simple tourism initiatives in place. The kind of projects that are eligible include:- Provision of information or interpretation facilities for example, boards or leaflets to publicise village walks or sites of historic interest; Organisation of cultural or heritage events festivals, workshops etc Creation or development of recreational facilities e.g. pedestrian or cycle trails; Organisation of community environmental facilities e.g. a local wildlife area

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